How to Keep Your Carpets Free From Stains…for Longer

Imagine a world where there wasn’t any dirt or environmental debris. Each time that somebody walked into your home and n to your carpet, there were no marks or stains left behind. Similarly, all of your children bad become responsible and insisted on carrying food and drink carefully over your carpeted floors. Even better, the animal in your home has trained itself to wear socks so that it doesn’t put paw prints on your lovely carpet.

Lovely isn’t it. Sadly, however, the reality of living with carpeted floors is very different. And while there is no way to prevent stains and dirt from appearing on your carpet, below are some great ways to prevent stains and dirt for as long as possible.

Shoe Rack

If you enjoy the Groupon Coupons page for Eddie Bauer then you likely enjoy the outdoors. Of course, this likely includes hikes, which means lots of dirt and debris on your shoes as you come home. The best way to prevent this debris from entering your home is preventing it from entering your home. Entirely. A shoe rack outside of your home is the best way to keep all of the dirt and grime outside where it belongs and away from your clean carpets.

If you prefer, you can place a shoe rack indoors where you and your guests can leave your shoes and potentially change into house slippers or simply wear your socks.

Keep a Cleaning Kit Close

These are so many stains that wouldn’t occur if they were tended to quickly. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of running around trying to find the right stain remover and a clean cloth right after a stain occurs which allows the staining material enough time to leave a mark. The next time that you are at the store, pick up some small travel sized clear bottles and fill them with a range of cleaning products. Along with some clean cloths, place the bottles and cloths around your home. This way, when a spill occurs, you can ask on it immediately before it has a chance to cause damage.

Provide Another Space

Your children don’t love drawing on your walls, they simply just see a large canvas to express their creativity. With this in mind, consider setting up a crafting area in your home, likely in the kitchen or laundry areas where there are tiles and let your child’s creativity roam free. Encourage them to be as dirty as they like, but only in the spaces that you provide.

Similarly, if you have family members that enjoy watching sport and throwing their drinks everywhere as they do it, consider setting up a small space in the garage or the den where they can be as messy (and as loud) as they like.


There are no rules or measures that you can employ or take that are going to prevent your carpets from ever getting dirty. However, the three tips above are a great place to start and can reduce a solid amount of dirt and debris from entering your home.