The Biggest Home Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming the carpet is a chore that helps your home look good, but it has many benefits. It’s also a good idea to consider professional carpet cleaning because a thorough deep clean once a year can get out stubborn contaminants. Thorough cleaning isn’t only about carpets not looking dirty. You also have to consider the health benefits, because pollutants that get trapped there can contribute to asthma and other respiratory problems, not to mention a host of other health issues.

Pollutants Are Removed

There are a lot of pollutants that can get into carpeting. If the flooring is dirty enough, it can be holding a lot of indoor air pollutants such as dirt, dust, and even cockroach allergens and deposits of toxic airborne gasses. The gasses can be released by just walking across the room. Bacteria can be hiding in the fibers as well, but a professional service can clean them out with high-powered vacuums and specialized shampoo formulas. Carpet cleaning benefits therefore include freedom from air pollutants and infection-causing organisms.

Mold Growth Is Inhibited

If your home is humid, a dirty carpet can be a haven for mold. It’s not hard for moisture to be tracked into the house when people walk in, and moisture is quite prevalent in most locations. The risk of carpet humidity problems depends on where you live. Moisture, however, can get deep into the fibers and mold and mildew can settle there as well. The specialized tools used by professional carpet cleaning companies both clean and dry carpeting so moisture is effectively eliminated.

No More Dust Mites

Microscopic dust mites can hide forever in carpeting. They leave behind particles that can be highly allergenic if someone inhales them. These compounds can exacerbate an allergy someone already has. Steam cleaning is an effective way of getting rid of dust mites, because of the high temperatures that these mini critters cannot tolerate.

A Carpet Is a Highly Effective Filter

Pretty much anything that touches it can be absorbed by a carpet. Everything from pollen to asphalt, dirt to insecticides, and bacteria to fungus can be hidden in small amounts. Your feet, or a regular vacuum cleaner, can stir these up, and they instantly become indoor air pollutants. Over time, the carpet may act like a full filter if it is not cleaned. The air inside your home will become hazardous to breathe, so those permanent stains and carpet damage are not the only issues you need to worry about.

You can depend on American Chem-Dry to address the problem using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality service. Many people worry about the safety and toxicity of chemical cleaners. Now you don’t have to worry about that. Heat, air, and experience come together to separate all the dirt from the carpet fibers. The same process can be used to clean couch, chair, mattress, recliner, and ottoman materials. Being a clean homeowner is good, but you can’t get everything out of the carpet unless you have top-notch equipment; fortunately, the pros out there do.