A Beginners Guide to Glass Box Extensions

Will a glass extension suit my building?

Despite the fact that a glass box is viewed as an advanced add-on to a building these kinds of obvious extensions suit standard builds as much as a new modern home.

Due to the natural look of glass – it is obvious – it permits you to see the conventional build behind and there is an obvious differential between what is new and what is old. These kinds of frameless glass extensions can often please planning officers that don’t want to interrupt the reliability of the buildings original architecture.

From an inner view a glass extension brings more of your lawn into your inner space so make sure our lawn is something to look at! Don’t ignore lawn design and exterior lighting when you have a glass box extension to the rear.

What Design Options are there?

The design and style alternatives for a glass box extension are countless. From a full glass box with distinct glass on all ends to the introduction of solid elements like a strong roof a glass extension can be developed to fit your area.

Numerous framings, supports, opening elements and shapes can be utilized through Sunspaces’s bespoke glass extension designs including all elements of specialized glass solutions from Glass Beams to aluminium casement doors.

A well-known contemporary choice is to include things like a strong roof with glass faces on all open sides. These can be built from fixed structural glass or minimally framed sliding glass doors for a modern appearance.

Side infill extensions generally have one solid wall along the party wall line with a glass roof and vertical opening glass element to the lawn.

What about options for the glass?

The glass sections used inside the glass extension can have any range of specialized coatings for them to make sure your glass box extension fits the building and the area it is built in.

Low Iron Glass is excellent for conservation areas or extensions where the visibility of the glass extension is significant. Solar Control Coatings are also well-known for these kinds of extremely glazed environments to decrease the amount of solar radiation travelling through glass to decrease solar gain.

Will I Need Planning Permission?

If your building is listed or in a conservation area you will generally need planning permission. Most small extensions are protected by the governments Approved Development Rights.

Will I Need an Architect?

For these kinds of high design bespoke extensions to homes Sunspaces always suggest to use an architect. They will be able to observe and address problems with your desired design, develop an eye catching addition to the building and make effective use of the space you have.

The contribution of an architect on an extension project will also mean that your designs have a better chance of getting through planning permissions if needed.

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