Importance of Installing Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows in Toronto

Windows are the source of providing ventilation, light and warmth to the home and can even become the cause of energy loss. We welcome all homeowners to start saving energy by installing energy efficient vinyl windows in Toronto at reasonable price. If you are also thinking of replacing them but do not have huge budget, it is recommended to go with energy efficient replacements.

Save Energy with Windows Replacement

A professional Contractor allows you to increase energy efficiency of the windows by caulking, weather stripping and adding storm windows along with using window coverings or treatments. By adding storm windows, you will be able to overcome air leakage and increase comfort. Weather stripping and caulking are also helpful in doing the same function. Caulking with fill gaps, joints or stationary cracks while weather stripping builds components that can move, like operable windows and doors.

How to select energy-efficient windows?

It is better to replace your inefficient or old windows instead of keeping them and incurring higher cost on energy bills. Latest, energy efficient vinyl windows Toronto will definitely pay off in terms of lower cooling and heating costs. When they are installed properly, the windows can be of great help in minimizing lighting, heating and cooling costs. Their efficiency and effectiveness usually involves installation, design and selection.


Before landing on a final decision, evaluate the available types of windows that might be of use to you and can assist you in improving the energy efficiency of your home. For labeling energy efficient vinyl windows Toronto, we have set minimum energy performance criteria according to the climate. Though, the criteria do not depend upon the home’s design, like window orientation.

We use passive solar home designs that vary with regional climate and building location but the basics of window replacement remain the same i.e. their selection, orientation and size of glass.


While searching for vinyl windows in Toronto, you will have numerous options to choose from. Throughout the process, you should pay attention to the energy performance rating according to the prevailing climate and design of the home. The energy efficiency depends upon window’s components. Windows frames are capable of conducting heat whereas, its U-factor is useful in maximizing the overall energy efficiency of the window. Glass or glazing technologies have also become sophisticated and the designers often describe different kinds of glass or glazing for different vinyl Toronto according to building design, climate, orientation etc.

Traditionally operated types are:

  • Awning– Opening outward and hinged at the top. Since sash closes when pressed against frame, they usually have lesser air leakage.
  • Casement– hinged at both the sides. Like awning, these windows usually have lesser air leakage as compared to sliding windows.
  • Fixed– fixed panes do not open. When they are installed, they do not allow air to enter due to which, they are not suitable when ventilation is necessary.
  • Hopper– Open inward and hinged at the top. Like the two windows, they also have lesser air leakage.
  • Double and single-hung– Double hung means two sashes can slide vertically however, in single hung, only one sash can side upward. They have higher air leakage problem.
  • Double and single sliding– In double sliding, both sashes can slide horizontally while in single sliding, only one can move.


The experts make sure that the vinyl windows are installed properly. The installation of every window is different as it depends upon the window type, its construction, building (masonry, wood) and the outer cladding (stucco, wood siding, brick etc.).