LOOP-LOC Pool Liners—There’s One for Every Home

A quality swimming pool liner will not only protect your pool from wear and tear from environmental factors such as sunlight, it will also support its structural integrity—and look pretty while doing so! Fortunately, there is an abundance of liners on the market today. If you feel overwhelmed by all the choices, look no further than LOOP-LOC to “match” your liner to your personality or family!

Before “diving” into liner specifics, you may also want to take the aesthetics of your backyard into consideration. Your swimming pool liner can serve as a gorgeous centerpiece to your backyard. Do you have a green thumb with a yard full of flowers in eye-popping colors? If so, you may want to choose a specific color and match your liner to the color. Or, if your yard is mostly green, you could go with a complementary color—or contrasting color. Perhaps you could match it to your patio furniture, umbrella, or floats.

LOOP-LOC’s liner colors and patterns range from simple and subtle to vibrant and elegant. There is a liner for every type of household. The PearlEssence line features seven liners and patterns—all with a designer look and feel.


If you and your family delight in day trips to the beach when you are not in the pool, then Shimmering SeaWaves may be for you. This is the first fully textured, embossed liner on the market with a navy-blue base that will make you feel as if you are frolicking in the ocean waves. It is infused with iridescent inks that glitter and sparkle in the sunlight. Are the islands more your style? Imagine you are on a tropical vacation with the Opalescent Blues liner. Its range of shimmering blue hues are simply breathtaking. If your pool is full of action and excitement, you may want the multicolored Luminous Soul pattern—which is infused with white, blue, and lavender shades—to relax and calm those exuberant swimmers. A reflective household will enjoy the rich look of the bronze iridescent inks in Bronze Reflections, which combines a luxurious glow with a soft shimmer.

Sky gazers need to look no further than the Silver Cloud liner. Instead of staring up, look down and feel like you are watching white, fluffy clouds. Those who prefer a more natural look may want to choose the Moonstone liner. This white, golden sand bottom reflects the light of the sun and adds a beautiful layer of brilliance to your pool. If your pool is an adults-only haven, Platinum Onyx’s black base will up the level of mystery and sophistication when you entertain.

No matter which swimming pool liner you choose to set your pool apart from those around you, remember that LOOP-LOC liners are made of a high quality, virgin vinyl liner—in 20 mil. or 28 mil. thickness—that will protect your pool for many years.

And, don’t fret if your pool is an unusual shape or has amenities such as steps, tanning ledges, benches, or a swim-up bar. The liners are designed to accommodate any pool amenity. These pool liners will make swimming and entertaining a breeze!