Patience is truly a virtue that you shouldn’t live without.

Patience is truly a virtue that you shouldn’t live without. It is the stuff that many virtues are made of. Without patience, your only option is instant gratification. We all know that instant gratification isn’t always that gratifying. Patience helps us go the distance when we feel like giving up. It’s what gets the Olympic runner from start to finish, and the college student from freshman to graduating senior. You simply can’t afford to skip cultivating this essential virtue.

It Builds Stamina

There are many different scenarios where patience is a virtue that must be present in order to have the stamina to achieve a goal. If you have a weight loss goal of 20 pounds, you must stick to a diet and exercise plan in order to achieve it. Furthermore, if you are dying to remodel your attic, however, the attic remodel cost is more than what you can afford right now, you will need to have the patience to save the money. Any goal you want to accomplish requires patience. Patience is a virtue that will give you the stamina to keep going when you feel like giving up.

It Builds Endurance

Most of us want things that aren’t attainable overnight. In order to wait for the things we desire to come to pass, we must have patience. Patience is that secret ingredient that helps us to hold out for what we really want and need, instead of taking the easy way out. We must have the patience to achieve a long-term goal. Patience builds endurance, and endurance builds strength.

It Builds Strength

If you can patiently do whatever is needed to achieve a goal, you can build strength. Strength is not built over night, however. It takes repetition and consistency to build it. You can not achieve any short or long-term goal without some measure of patience. Patience is the doorway through which stamina, endurance, and strength must pass through.

Build patience. It will give you the keys to accomplish your goals, hopes, and dreams. Patience can only help you. There are no negatives when it comes to patience. Stay the course. Follow through. Remain vigilant. This is the stuff that patience is made of. You can only win if you decide to build this virtue. Let patience be the fuel that helps you to get up and get the job done.