Top Tips to Choosing the Best Coffee Table for Your Needs

When you think of furniture, your mind might not immediately recognise the importance of the coffee table. After all, compared to the sofa, the dining table, the beds and the cabinets, the coffee table seems small and insignificant from a practical perspective. However, nothing could be further from the truth; the coffee table is often the central part of the living room, and it does more work than you initially would recognise.

It holds books, magazines, and photo albums. It allows you to rest your feet. It is a surface for hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks, and since it’s usually in the middle of the room, it’s bound to attract attention. It’s important to select the right one. But how do we do this? Here are the top tips to choosing the best coffee table for your needs.

Think practicality first

What exactly do you want your coffee table to do for you? It sounds like a silly question, but it’s actually the most important one. It’s a matter of problem solving, after all. Do you want it to display certain items? Will it be used for drinks and snacks? Will you rest your feet on it? How much time are you willing and able to spend on maintenance and cleaning? You’d be surprised how answering just some of these questions will considerably narrow down your list of choices.

Decide on the dimensions

It’s easy to measure – but measure twice. Think not only about width and length, but also about height; height is often underestimated or neglected. Ideally they are the same height as the surrounding seating arrangements.


Would you like it made of metal? Of wood? Would you like a glass top? The material will influence the budget, the style, and the amount of maintenance and cleaning that needs to be done.


What’s your favorite colour? Will it match the existing décor? Will it be a good fit for the furniture around it?


You can go for the classic, the modern, or the more unique vintage industrial furniture – perhaps you prefer an eccentric piece, or one with some history. Look around carefully.

Choosing a coffee table should not be that hard, truth be told – provided you have a methodology and that you narrow your choices down according to the points mentioned above. There are, after all, many kinds of coffee tables out there, but there are only a few which fit perfectly into your home and fulfill your unique needs. Look around diligently; visit showrooms and online sites to get ideas. Your budget is also important, of course, but don’t think too much about that – find a coffee table that you can be proud of and that will give you pleasure for decades to come.