Casement or Awning Window Style? Make A Decision

When it comes to deciding about the right window style, dimensions of the existing window openings would be the best possible guide. During 1980s and 1990s, most of the awning and casement windows were installed by builders but, casements used to encounter different problems due to which, they had to be replaced with the same model.

People pointed out numerous drawbacks in their construction that have been solved by innovation and advancement and nowadays, there are premium quality casement and awning window styles that have the ability to offer following benefits:

  • They can maximize visibility and air flow as the sashes swing outwards to ensure proper ventilation and freshness in the home.
  • Casements are dimensionally having smallest sizes. They have egress that makes the components a better option than awning window style.
  • Unlike other window styles, awnings and casements have bigger screen inside that are quite easy to remove and clean.
  • Casements and awnings are designed in such a way that they can be compressed or tightened with a lever along with Q-lon weather stripping for efficient sealing. Both window styles have turned out to be the most airtight and highly proficient options to create comfortable environment within the home.

A worth mentioning fact is that most of the awnings and casements are provided with ugly clips whose responsibility is to hold the screen at one place. Homeowners should always select such types of components that have unique pressure screen that fits properly in the frame and works for a longer time period. The rugged extruded screen frames are quite durable, reliable and have various colors to complement different interior d├ęcor options. People can choose from 16 glass options in order to make sure that the components meet Energy Star requirements and maintain desired temperature inside the home.

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