Easy Tips To Gain Cheap Electricity Through Less Energy Consumption

Reducing electricity usage does not mean giving up the comfort that you are used to at home. It is about changing your habits for a good cause such as preventing global warming and those sky rocketing electric and gas bills. By following these easy energy-saving tips, you can be assured of cheap electricity bill in the next month. UNPLUG Appliances that are not often used such as an AC unit in the spare room or the extra fridge in the basement should be unplugged. Unplug chargers of your mobile phones, digital cameras, toys, PDA's and other gadgets if the battery sign is full. Don't keep them plugged all day for they will still consume power even if the battery is already full. Utilize power strips for your different electrical devices such your television, radio, and home theater system when you want to switch them off.

SLEEP MODE Putting your computer into sleep mode will lessen your usage of power. There are even power management control settings that can be found in Windows and energy saving setting in the menu bar for Mac users. Set-up your computer to be in hibernate mode after thirty minutes of inactivity. This does not fully shut down the system but it allows you to save on energy. RIGHT TEMPERATURE SETTING During winter, set the thermostat at 68 degrees or less during the day. Before bedtime or if you are out of the house, set it at 55 degrees. If it is during the summer season when it is hot outside, increase it to 77 or more. When the weather is good and the sun is shining, open the shades and windows to let the sunlight in. At night, close shades and blinds to reduce heat lost especially during summer when the AC unit is on. EFFECTIVE USE OF APPLIANCES Reheat small meals by using the microwave. Check the door seal of the oven if it is sticking properly so as not to waste the heat from inside. Only use the dishwasher if you have many dishes to wash, otherwise, just wash it by hand and if you have time, air-dry them. The water level should be right with the amount of clothes that are to be washed. It is practical to use cold water for both washing and rinsing.

Make sure the door of your fridge seals tightly. Try to test it with a dollar bill. If it is difficult to pull out, it means that it is still in good condition, but if the money slides down, do replace them. SWITCH OFF THE LIGHTS When no one is in the room, turn off the lights. Dim or switch off the lights in the conference room or at the offices if it is not used or when everyone is out for lunch. The tips that are discussed are easy to follow for efficient utilization of appliances and other gadgets. The cheapest electricity bill will be obtained and you get to help conserve the environment.